Gherushcat Beauty and Fashion, Katutura Fashion Week and Ammiratus Review are co-operating

The new worldwide beauty and fashion platform Gherushcat together with the new Katutura Fashion Week will spice-up the fashion market, and Ammiratus Review will be the media partner.

VIENNA, February 8, 2019 /Ammiratus Review/ — Fashion is connected to people on a daily basis, more or less. For some people, fashion has the highest value. They would say that fashion is life to them. They are foremost the people in the fashion industry like fashion designers, fashion models, fashion show organizers, wholesalers, and retailers. Networking and business relations are vital also to the fashion industry, like in any other industry. The Ammiratus Review is an ezine that is dedicating their publication to beauty and the arts. Therefore, it is proud to be working in co-operation with both Gherushcat Beauty and Fashion and also with the new Katutura Fashion Week!

About Gherushcat Beauty and Fashion

Gherushcat sees itself as a mediator between agencies, the media, producers, designers, models, and consumers from all over the world. Where scouts tend to work in secret, Gherushcat is more visible and wants to reach out to many professionals, decision-makers, and customers worldwide so that potential designers and potential producers, on the one hand, and possible models, on the other hand, can have a chance to be active on an international level. That is not just on the internet but also in the real world.

Gherushcat brand ambassadors and brand affiliates from every country in the world are working for designers and producers that are working together with Gherushcat. Designers, producers, and models have individual opportunities to build their brand, on the one hand, and to give other potential designers, potential producers, and possible models a chance to expand their brand awareness, on the other side.

The executive jury members and two Gherushcat ambassadors for every country can propose one MISS or one MISTER from their country each month that can work as brand affiliates themselves. Gherushcat is looking monthly for a MISS and MISTER GHERUSHCAT in every nation.

There will be ultimately only one monthly MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT for each nation and only one annual MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT worldwide. The title holders will be published for free in notable digital or printed media worldwide, reaching a maximum of readers (text articles with links). They will be posted for free on own and affiliated Instagram networks.

Titleholders become brand ambassadors or brand affiliates in their nation to convey the values concerning the agency statement, and they represent the designers and beauty care producers that are working together with Gherushcat.

Potential models can apply for this project at and follow the agency’s IG profile at

The executive jury members of Gherushcat

Mr. Dieter Geruschkat, founder and CEO
Ms. Maddie Mitchell, international actress

The Gherushcat agency statement

With the MISS/MISTER GHERUSHCAT fashion models project, the jury and the ambassadors, want to:

  • Strengthen the awareness of beautiful fashion ideas.
  • Promote the ability to present an impressive fashion to an audience.
  • Encourage each fashion model to be confident in who they indeed are regardless of heritage, race, religion, orientation or worldview.
  • State that the truth is that everyone is beautiful in their ways.
  • Inspire people of the world to see the beauty in each culture that fashion models represent.
  • Broaden a worldwide movement of proud and responsible fashion models.
  • Strengthen the image, fame and name recognition of the title holders and all participants.

About Katutura Fashion Week

Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) is a dedication in so many ways of bringing fashion to the people as well as uniting cultures through fashion. Especially embracing the talented local designers from all walks of life in Namibia, to showcase just how much talent the country has, and at the same time identifying potential models across the country to give them a chance to be a part of this experience and to diversifying fashion avenues.

Katutura Fashion Week is envisioned to become the most influential fashion platform in Namibia, which will happen on an annual basis. Katutura Fashion Week will promote Namibian designers, and give an opportunity to emerging fashion designers through all 14 regions of the country a chance to showcase and receive the necessary exposure which can help in catapulting them into a bigger market. The end goal of Katutura Fashion Week is to have designers from around the African continent and even all over the world wanting to come and showcase in the land of the brave.

The first KFW will take place in Windhoek, Namibia on September 26/27/28, 2019 under the wonderful slogan: “Uniting Cultures through Fashion and Bringing Fashion to the People.”

The executive board of Katutura Fashion Week

Mr. Dennis Hendricks, founder and director
Ms. Bella Veiko, co-director
Mr. Dieter Geruschkat, project manager

You can follow the KFW IG profile at and on FB at, and the new website will be online at

Fashion designers and accessories designers should apply at the following e-mail address:


For inquiries concerning Gherushcat and Ammiratus Review, please write to Mr. Dieter Geruschkat

For questions concerning KFW, please write to Mr. Dennis Hendricks

About Ammiratus Review

Since 2012 the ezine Ammiratus Review is publishing articles about beauty themes and art themes. Their presence is and

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